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How I design websites

When it comes to building websites, I am somewhat unique because I do both the tasks of website design as well as website development.

I work closely with each of my clients to make sure the website design matches their vision for promoting their business.

We start by selecting a color scheme, the fonts they want to use, determine the number of pages required and the navigation button names they want for these pages. We discuss the design of the banner, and what images or logos they want to use. We then discuss the general layout of each page and which photos they want to use.

As a side note, I often use my photo studio to take photos such as portraits or product shots for use on the website.

An important point of my website design is that each website is designed to be responsive. That is, the website will display properly on both large computer screens all the way down to small screen mobile devices.

My clients send me photos and text content, and I design one page at time. We then review the final page design. I am open to making any changes required throughout the design.

As you will see from the websites shown above, each website is very unique. I never use a template for my website design. Each website is completely custom designed to meet my clients requirements.

Once the website design has been completed, I start on the website development which is the task of turning the design into code which will display our design as a website on the internet.

I meet with my client prior to starting any website design, and we discuss their complete requirements. I then contact the client within 24 hours with a price for the website design. I require a payment of 50% prior to starting the design, and final payment when the design is completed, and prior to making the website live.

I initially design the client's website on a special URL which only my client and I have access to. After the final website design has been approved by my client and I have received final payment, I upload all the website files to the clients hosting service.

Registering a domain name and purchasing hosting service for the website is the responsibility of my clients. However, I personally help most of my clients with this process at no charge.

If you are interested in discussing a new website design, please go to my "Contact" page and either call me or send me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.