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- Services -

I have a home-based photography studio in which I set up a background and lighting for the specific type of shoot we are going to do. I have a wide variety of different studio lights which can be set up to produce almost any type of lighting required. I have multiple different backgrounds available, and if I require something different for a special shoot, I will purchase whatever is required.

My camera is tethered to a computer, and my clients can see the images I take as they are shot. This is particularly helpful when we are doing a dance or performance shoot. This way, the client can study the image and make any changes required to produce a great looking photo.

All of my image post processing is done in-house. My studio equipment includes numerous computers, multiple image back-up servers, and multiple printers which can print up to 16" x 20" photos. For larger prints and custom products, I use a professional photo printing service.

For on-location shoots, I always bring backup cameras, lights, and portable power systems.

I can supply many different types of photography products in addition to prints. I can supply framed prints, gallery wrap canvas prints, metal prints, standard as well as archival quality prints, printed books, albums, etc.

In addition to photography, I also do website design. Please click on the "Website Design" link for details on this and links where you can see a couple of recent websites I have designed. Quite often I also incorporate my photography in my website design where I photograph products, events, etc. and include the images in the design.